Monday, December 13, 2010

2010-2011 FleaFlickers Hall of Fame Inductee: SEAMUS!

Congratulations, Seamus, for winning round 1 of the FleaFlickers Pool & Extravaganza!  You outlasted your competitors by picking a winning NFL team for fourteen straights weeks!  Way to go!

You are now entered into the prestigious, highly-coveted FFP&E Hall of Fame.  In lieu of an actual photo of Seamus, we are posting the logo of his favorite team in all of sports.  It's a banner day for Seamus!  Congratulations, and welcome to the FFP&E Hall of Fame!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Celebratory NFL Kick-Off Day Lunch!

(From left to right):  Commissioner Tits McGee, ChiTown and WhoDatNation got together for a "Happy NFL Season" celebratory lunch today in honor of tonight's Saints vs. Vikings showdown. 

Other patrons at the restaurant were very enthused about our pro-Saints representation.  However, one gentleman asked the waiter to come over and tell us that the Saints weren't going to win this year.

Probably a Raiders fan.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Ode to the 2010-2011 NFL Season ... Exclusive for the FFP&E!

The NFL is starting up on Thursday night!
Saints hope to put a-hurtin’ on those Minnesota Vikes.
Kickoff’s 8:30 (ET) in The Big Easy,
Sean Payton’s got a weapon with his boy, Drew Brees.

Cleveland takes a trip down to the Raymond J,
Where they’ll meet up for a game against Tampa Bay,
The Browns will bring their defense like an Army tank,
But, the Buccs will do their best to make them walk the plank.

What about Miami, since we’re in the state?
No, the Dolphins hit the road for their opening game.
For week 1, they will shuffle off to Buffalo,
Where the Bills are pretty happy that they ditched T.O.

T.O. is with the Bengals now, I’m sure you’ve heard,
And, they open up in Foxboro – bunch of nerds.
That last part is in reference to the Patriots,
And, I hope that Cincy whoops up good on Brady's butt!

Indy goes to Houston for their opening game,
And, Houston wants to get some sacks on “what’s-his-name?”
#18’s on his jersey, and his moves are uncanny …
Oh yeah, I just remembered - his name’s Peyton Manning.

The Broncos start their season out in Jacksonville,
Where I hope the Jags will smoke ‘em - go in for the kill.
Tebow’s fine, but there’s one thing you must remember,
Besides Oakland, there’s no team that I hate more than Denver.

Heinz Field is the venue where the Falcons will visit,
Don’t go looking for Big Ben ‘cuz he just won’t be in it.
He’ll be watching from home, instead of being right there,
Hey, can’t stay outta trouble?  Then, your punishment’s fair.

Nashville lock your doors – Memphis, you do the same,
‘Cuz the Raiders play the Titans in the opening game.
The state will be invaded by those visiting thugs,
I hope Cletus hangs on tightly to his whiskey jugs.

The Panthers cruise the coast up to the Garden State,
And, I hope they clobber Eli Manning - I can’t wait!
Took a hit, then that sissy had to get stitches,
Too harsh? Well, he shouldn’t call my Chargers bitches.

The Lions make the trip to go and play the Bears,
And, had I got that job, well, I'd be working there.
But, I don’t hold a grudge too long, how about you?
Hey, can you think of something rhyming Ndamukong Suh?

Sam Bradford is the Rams QB getting the start,
At home, against the Cardinals, minus Matt Leinart.
It takes more, Matt, than good looks and your pretty white teeth,
Haven’t seen a burnout quite like you since Ryan Leaf.

Yes, I'm from Orange County, but I still love the Dodgers,
Know who else I love? That’s right – Aaron Rodgers.
The Pack is on the road because they open in Philly,
Am I hoping for an Eagles win? Don’t be silly.

Pete Carroll leads the Seahawks up in gorgeous Seattle,
He hit the road when USC was knee-deep in scandal.
But, do I love him? Yes, I do – that is fo shizzle!
The Niners will be ready for them - sunshine or drizzle.

Over on the east coast, Redskins settin’ the table,
For the Cowboys visit - here they come, ready and able.
This match-up ain't for sissies, so the history goes,
Don't you wanna punch 'ole Haynesworth right in the nose?

The Jets are hosting Baltimore, and that's the truth,
Joe Namath looks like Manilow, "Hardknocks" has the proof.
Rex Ryan cracks me up just like Butthead and Beavis,
Get your ass in gear, I’m looking at you - Darrelle Revis.

Of course, in closing, gotta get this plug in just right:
The Chargers play the Chiefs in Kansas on Monday night.
And, these teams both compete out in the AFC West,
But, c’mon folks - we all know that the Chargers are best! (truth!)

So, welcome to the season, and good luck in the pool,
To be clear, I think that Haynesworth is a really big tool.
Send your picks on time, and email any questions to me,
Have fun - good luck!  Love, your commish, Tits McGee!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Shocking Preseason Game!

Typically, the Steelers aren't too alarmed when the Bolts visit Heinz Stadium.  That wasn't the case, though, in their preseason match-up with the Detroit Lions.  Check out this clip!  KA-POW!!

Preseason Power Rankings

ESPN has been visiting the training camps, and has reported on what they've seen. 

Click here to check out what they have to say!

We're Hostin' the Super Bowl, Ya'll!

Heads-up:  If you happen to be in Arlington, Texas on February 6th, 2011, there's a good chance that you may run into some traffic because Jerry Jones and company are hosting Super Bowl XLV (45th) at Cowboys Stadium.  This will be the first Super Bowl for the Dallas area, and the third for the state of Texas.  (The other two were held in Houston ... VIII and XXXVIII.)

And, here's a bit of trivia for you to contemplate while sitting in that traffic:  From June 15, 2010, through February 6, 2011, the 30-mile section of Interstate 30 between Dallas and Fort Worth, along which Cowboys Stadium is situated, will be temporarily designated as the "Tom Landry Super Bowl Highway" in commemoration of Super Bowl XLV.  The former Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike is now normally known as the "Tom Landry Highway" in honor of former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry.

This information is provided to you at no additional charge compliments of Commish McGee & the FFP&E. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FFP&E Members "TheRealMrsRobZombie" & "DirtySanchez" Were Spotted at the Redskins Fanfest!

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, FFP&E poolmembers "TheRealMrsRobZombie" and "DirtySanchez" made their annual trip to the Redskins Fanfest at Redskins Park in Loudon County, Virginia.  And, as you might expect, hilarity ensued.  Check it out:

"TheRealMrsRobZombie" has clearly been working on her upper arm strength!
"DirtySanchez" has something on her lip!

Don't see Albert Haynesworth?
Neither did anyone else.
Brian Orakpo being Brian Orakpo.
Nice tight end for an OLB!
"TheRealMrsRobZombie" and "DirtySanchez" spending quality time with
the Lombardis.  Will the Redskins add to the collection this year?

Hail, vic-toryyyyy ... for another fun Redskins Fanfest! 

Thanks for sending in your pictures, you klassy ladies!  And, everyone else - do you have any fun football pictures that you'd like to share with the FFP&E community?  If so, just email them to your commissioner, Tits McGee, and you, too, will be featured on our blog!  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FFP&E Hall of Fame

The following participants, by winning last year's rounds of the FFP&E, are the inaugural inductees into the FleaFlickers Pool & Extravaganza Hall of Fame:
  • Round 1 Winner(s):  Cocky, Pepe Sanchez and Marietard (3-way split)
  • Round 2 Winner:  Buttons
Who will be the 2010-11 inductees into this prestigious hall of fame? 

Will you be counted among the members of this exclusive club???

The legacy and the legends.

New Meaning for the Phrase, "Pass the Chips."

"It's About the Acquisition of Territory" - A German company is working on the technology to put computer chips in our footballs, according to a blabbermouth at said German company.  Click here to check it out!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Saints Championship Tour Hits Pensacola ...

Hey Fleaflickers!  Commissioner Tits McGee was at the festivities today in Pensacola, Florida as the Saints Championship Tour rolled into town.  Here are some highlights from the day:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Voted (by me) Most Operatic Fight Song!

I want to see them weave the name "Ndamukong Suh" into a new fight song!

Miami Dolphins Fight Song by T-Pain

I like T-Pain more and more everyday. Bless his hokey heart!

The Faber Boys - You're In Colts Country!

Cute song & vid from some fans of the Super Bowl 2010 runners-up. 
Shorty needs to watch his mouth at the 1:27 mark, though.

New Orleans Saints! Super Bowl Champs 2010!

We yellin black & gold to the Super Bowl,
black & gold to the Super Bowl,
black & gold to the Super Bowl ...

We yellin who dat who dat who dat who dat -
Who dat say they gon' beat them Saints?!

We going to Miami already tamed the wildcat,
Secondlining to dat Super Bowl and bring the crown back,
Brown bag days over -take dat to da bank!
Ol' Archie Manning tell 'em - this ain't yo' daddy's Saints!

Tom Benson give a Benz to Drew Brees,
Ray Nagin - Payton need New Orleans set of keys,
By air, by ground, we scorin' touchdowns,
Bush flyin' to the pylon, no going outta bounds.
Bell a bruise ya - Pierre a lose ya',
Meechum a leave 'em,
Shockey sock it to ya'!
Marchin' down wit Marques,
It ain't hard to find em open,
6'4" off da line (Rooh),
Touchdown Colston!

We yellin who dat who dat who dat who dat -
Who dat say they gon beat dem Saints?!

Grant leave his wig split,
Sedrick layin' big hits,
Jabari run the corner,
Sharper get that pick six,
Believe it, breathe and bleed it, walk the walk,
Beat Bills, Jets & Giants,
We run New York!

Panthers get crushed,
Bucs get bucked,
Monday Night Falcons gettin' A-Town stomped,
Are ya' ready for some football?
It's goin' down-down baby,
We got sumthin' for ya', Belichick & Brady!

We yellin black & gold to the Super Bowl!,
black & gold to the Super Bowl,
black & gold to the Super Bowl,
black & gold to the Super Bowl -

Touchdown Colston!

We yellin who dat who dat who dat who dat -
Who dat say dey gon beat them Saints?!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


NOBODY!!!  Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, the City of New Orleans and the extended Who Dat Nation for your SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Enjoy your win - you deserve it - and, know that the entire country is so happy for you!  (There may be pockets of Indianapolis who harbor ill-will, but other than that ... )


Monday, November 16, 2009

FleaFlicker Sighting ... A Mile High!!

Yes, you read that correctly!  FleaFlicker, "Mrs.Flintstone" and her hubby, hoofed it out to Denver to catch the recent matchup between the Denver Broncos and the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ever the avid Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Mrs. Flintstone was quite pleased when Ben & the boys handed the Broncos the beatdown that they so richly deserved, winning the week 9 Monday Night Football game by a margin of 28-10.  To celebrate, Mr. Flintstone planted a fat one on Mrs. Flintstone's cheek.  Love is in the mile high air!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snatch & CheekyMonkey Invade FedEx Field!

Setting:  FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland on October 4th when the Redskins hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Pre-game, Snatch was working the customer service angle, and making some of the locals feel welcome.  And, HOW!!

Redskins won!!  YAY!!  Let's CELEBRATE!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mascot of the Week: "T-Rac" of the Tennessee Titans

"T-Rac" is a raccoon, the official state animal of Tennessee. Did you know that three U.S. presidents called Tennessee their home?  Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Andrew Johnson were all native Tennesseans.  Present day Tennesseans include Kenny Chesney and Shannon Doherty ... and all this time, I thought she was from Beverly Hills 90210. 

Answer to Week 2's "Fandemonium Trivia!"

Dallas Cowboys Game Used GearImage by Mr. Hernonymous via Flickr
The top 5 NFL franchises for retail merchandise sales, according to the NFL Network, are as follows:

Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers
NY Giants
NY Jets
Chicago Bears

So, if you selected the 4th answer, congratulations!  You have just won a brand new convertible Chrysler Sebring!  HOORAY!
**  Please note:  Prizes must be collected prior to 1:59 CT on Tuesday, September 22, 2009.  **
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Week 3 Power Rankings (FoxSports)

Lots of tasty insight after two weeks of regular season play ... enjoy!

Logos and uniforms of the New York Giants

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Which FFP&E Poolmember Ended Up at the Dog Pound???

... why, none other than poolmember "ChaChaCoconuts," that's who!!  ChaCha is "cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs" for her Cleveland Browns, so she was giddy with excitement at being able to go see the match-up this past Sunday between the Browns and the Vikings!  In fact, here are some pics of the big day!
Here's ChaChaCoconuts (right) and her friend doing a little pre-game celebrating lakeside!
Almost game time!
ChaCha is ready to get in there and start rooting her Browns to a win!
Pretty day in Cleveland.
Did you know that Cleveland had America's very first traffic light?  Introduced August 5th, 1914.  Also, Cleveland was the world's first city to be lighted electrically ... way back in 1879.  All this info is free of charge to you at the FFP&E.
Hey!  Isn't that ... ?!!  YES!!  It IS!!  It's the dude from the Sears commercial!!  What is HE doing at the Cleveland Browns game?!!  Did you know that Sears is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois?  The likeness of Abe Lincoln, a former Illinois resident, can be seen on American pennies.  Bills are being passed to abolish the penny.  Penny Marshall starred as Laverne Defazio in the 70's sitcom "Laverne & Shirley."

Thank you for sending in these great pictures, ChaChaCoconuts!  We feel like we were there with ya'!

And, what about YOU, dear reader?  Do YOU have any football pictures you'd like to share - past or present - with your fellow poolmembers?  If so, just email them to your commissioner, Tits McGee, like ChaChaCoconuts did, and maybe you, too, can be as wordly and famous as she is!  Well, you can TRY, anyway ...

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Week 2 Power Rankings (FoxSports)

Pittsburgh Steelers logoImage via Wikipedia
FoxSports has released its power rankings for week 2.  Follow this link to have a looksie:

Super-Dope Oaktown! (a.k.a. "The Biggity-Biggity O!")

San Diego Chargers logo
 Well, now, how about BOTH of those MNF match-ups, huh?!!  KA-POW!!  Now, THAT was some FOOTBALL!!

The first game of the double-header saw the Buffalo Bills putting up an extraordinary fight against the Patriots led by Tom Brady and his new bionic knee.

For a long time, it looked like Trent Edwards in his unique, metrosexual, Fallout Boy way was going to lead the Bills to an historic win over the Pats, which would have made some folks who play longshot bets quite rich!

But then, Tom Brady, who was having none of it, went all Tom Brady on them and rallied his fellas to move that little spherical orb to the end zone to score more points than the aforementioned Bills.  And, while I'm no rules expert, I do believe that constitutes a win.  Wait - yes, I checked ... it does.  Pats 25, Bills 24.

Onto game 2 - Chargers @ Raiders ... dum-dum-dummmm ...

Chargers beat the Raiders by a score of 24-20.  I think the word you're searching for is "exquisite."  What else do you need to know?  (Hey - I never claimed my writing would be unbiased.  Who am I, Diane Sawyer?)

Hugs and kisses, from Tits McGee

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Opening Day Ode to the FFP&E

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Ta...

Heinz Field is the venue, the match-up's at hand.
Soon come the tailgating, drunk, rowdy fans!
Steelers and Titans, tonight they will meet.
8:30's the kick-off, so be in your seat!
Gather some snack food, and maybe some beer,
In front of the t.v., just sit on your rear.
And, watch as the Titans and Steelers meet-up,
I hope they remember to each wear their cups.
Lastly, a thank you for joining the pool,
I'm glad that you're in it, you're totally cool.
And, if you get lucky, you might win it all!
Remember, before you can walk, you must crawl.
Take it from me when you're choosing your pick,
If your team's a loser, it makes you feel sick.
"I could have flushed that money down thru the toilet,"
But, if your team wins, then you'll surely enjoy it!
Good luck to you all, and the teams that you choose,
If you pick 'em right, well then, how can you lose?!!
Of course, if you have any questions for me,
Just drop me a note!  Love, Commissioner McGee

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Commissioner Roger Goodell Wanted to Chat ...

NEW YORK - MAY 13:  Roger Goodell the NFL comm...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
So, he did!  And, honestly, it was pretty interesting.  Here is the link to the hour-long chat ... some great stuff in here, and interesting questions!

Roger looks perplexed.  I just wanted to use the word "perplexed."  >>>>>>>

Monday, September 7, 2009

NFL Anagrams!

Word Making & AnagramsImage by bartmaguire via Flickr
So, anagrams - FUN!  Wait ... what are anagrams, again?  Well, anagrams are where the letters of a word or phrase are used to produce a NEW word or phrase by using each of the original letters exactly once.

In keeping with our football theme, I thought I'd check out anagrams for some of our teams ... and, there were some hilarious results.  For example:

Pittsburgh Steelers = "BETTER RUTHLESS PIGS"

Atlanta Falcons = "FAT CALL ON SATAN"

Baltimore Ravens = "VARIABLE MONSTER"

Oakland Raiders = "ALAS, KIND OR DEAR" (pleeeeeeease!)

Detriot Lions = "LOONIEST DIRT" 

New Orleans Saints = 'SENSATIONAL WRENS"

... and, my favorite, San Francisco Forty Niners = "FORNICATORS, FANCY SINNERS"

What does YOUR name translate to ... find out by clicking on this link:

NFL Mascot of the Week

It's none other than Cincinnati Bengals mascot "WHO DEY," shown here giving a hug to wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.
CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 25:   Chad Johnson #85 o...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Who Dey is the mascot, yes, but it's also the name of a chant of support by Bengals fans.  The entire chant goes like this:  "Who dey!  Who dey!  Who dey think 'gon beat dem Bengals?"  To which, the entire stadium enthusiastically replies, "NOBODY!"  Really gets the crowd going.  Sometimes, the entire chant is shortened to simply, "WHO DEY," but I prefer the extended club mix.

(BTW:  Who has their name legally changed to 'Ochocinco? ' Johnson must've been too boring for him.  Maybe he thought 'Chad Johnson' sounded too much like the captain of a sailing team or something - which, you have to admit, it does.)

Drama!  Some give the "Who Dey" chant a little bit of the side-eye because it's remarkably similar to the New Orleans chant "Who Dat."  I'm not judging ... I'm just sayin' ...

Listen, Bengals fans, who dey think they are trying to give YOU the side-eye?!!  Grab your Skyline Chili and maybe some beer from Oldenberg Brewery, get your tailgatin' on, and cheer your Bengals to success!

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Time Magazine Article

Fantasy Football: Is It Going to Our Heads?
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La Mapa!

Check out this map ...

It pinpoints where all 32 NFL teams are located throughout the United States.

Semi-interesting, no?

In Spanish, the word for "map" is "la mapa."

Vaya con Dios ...

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Pride of San Diego!

Poolmembers "JewyGooey" and her son, 'WackyZacky,' at the Chargers vs. Colts playoff game last season.  Playing on Peyton Manning's then-popular Mastercard commercial with him in his hotel room presumably while in town for a game against the Chargers, these two comedians crafted signs that they took into the game that said, "You're going down, Manning" and "Weather here's SWEET!"  Which were two notable-quotables from the Mastercard commercial.  Priceless.
And, in case you don't recall, the Chargers won in overtime by a score of 23-17, thereby advancing them to the second round of the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Chargers imploded the following week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who went on to become the Super Bowl champs.

It's a new year ... GO BOLTS!!

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Week 1 Power Rankings (FoxSports)

FoxSports puts together a great power rankings overview ... you can find it by following this link:
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Over 10 Days To Go !!

Live-action shot from the Patriots v. Redskins preseason match-up this past Friday night (8/28/09) at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

Poolmember, GlamourBeast, was among the many Redskins fans in attendance at the game which resulted in a win for Tom Brady and the boys, much to GlamourBeast's chagrin.

Do you have a personal football photo - past or present - that you'd like to include on our blog? Just forward it to Tits McGee at, and we'll get it posted!

"Hail to the Redskins,
Hail victory ... (just not this night.)
Braves on the warpath,
Fight - for old D.C.!"

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brett Favre vs. AARP

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre duri...Image via Wikipedia
He's Brett Favre. He bleeds football. He’s a good ‘ole boy from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and his middle name is Lorenzo - who knew?

Well, unless you’ve been stuck under a rock somewhere, you already know that he’s re-unretired, and will be QBing for the Minnesota Vikings. As mentioned previously, the NFL season always seems to provide some sort of “soap opera-esque drama,” and by former Green Bay Packer Favre joining the Packers’ NFC North division rival Vickies, you can bet that I’ll be microwaving some popcorn for the match-up set for 10/5 at the Metrodome (and, subsequently, 11/1 at Lambeau.)

So, I will go on record as saying that I have been conflicted by his return, again, to football. After having been a Favre fan for years, because of his love for the game, but mostly driven by his looks, there – I said it, I was sad to see him retire. I was moved by his tear-filled retirement announcement, sad to see the end of an era, but grateful that I could be counted among a generation who could say they saw Favre play in his prime.

Then, he un-retired and played for the Jets. Then, retired, again. Now, he’s re-unretired and playing for the Vikings. I’m getting dizzy.

Who knew the range of emotions that Brett’s indecision would elicit from the general public, myself included? There are a lot of people out there with a lot of strong opinions, but mostly I’ve noticed that they all boil down to the two very divided camps of: “WTF, Just Stay Retired, Brett” and “I’m Just Happy I Get To See Him Play More.” I’ll admit, I have been a staunch advocate of both viewpoints at various times throughout this whole saga.

But, then, after a thought-filled conversation with a good friend of mine about the subject, debating both sides of the retirement controversy (nod to Prince's “Con-tro-ver-sy,”) it dawned on me – wow, Brett Favre is coming back! Why in the world would I NOT be excited about this?!! I want my six-year-old godson, Sean, to watch him, and to understand that Brett Favre is someone who will be spoken of in the world of football until the end of time. When he’s grown-up, I want Sean to be able to tell his kids about watching Brett Favre play! Sean’s a Titans fan at the moment, but he can still admire a legend from another team, right? (The commish is actively trying to recruit him to the Chargers side, but Daddy’s a Bronco lover, so that might be a challenge.) Regardless, at six, Sean just may be old enough to remember watching Brett Favre play football – how cool is that?!!

So, bottom line: Look, if Brett wants to re-unretire, why in the world would I feel so invested in his decision? What a waste of emotion, really. I don’t think Brett would care if I were to waver on any retirement decisions I were to make, and I’m a living legend, too, right? I can assure you that if I had retired then someone came to me waving $10 million in my face to do what I’d previously loved to do, I would jump back in the saddle faster than you could say, “A.A.R.P,” too, so who am I to judge?!!

Do what ya’ gotta do, Brett. Get in that Vikings uniform, hop into that shotgun formation, and make it happen! You know, we’ll ALL be watching ... with popcorn in hand!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

One Month Out ...

So, here we are just about one month out from the start of the NFL football season 2009-10. What does the upcoming season have in store for us? By now, you've heard many of the teams already declaring that, "This is our year ..." or "We've worked hard during the off-season to acquire talent to really complete our team ... " or, the ever popular, "This is a building year for us ... " (In other words, set your expectations of us properly - i.e. "low.")

Well, whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to it. As always, I start the season with butterflies in my tummy as I think about the chance for the Chargers to make it to the Super Bowl. They look good, even formidable - Merriman's back and LaDanian is operating at 110%. Philip Rivers has never looked better. But, this time last year, I was also listening to all the reports and thinking, "This is it! This is their year! HOORAY!!" The point is ... who really knows?

Tom Brady with Randy Moss and Jabar Gaffney af...Image via Wikipedia
And, therein lies the excitement of it all! The twists, the turns ... the, at times, soap opera-like plot developments that rise out of nowhere and send us fans on a completely different course independent of how we'd imagined the season would play out.

What, indeed, does this season have in store for us?

I'm tempted to do a little research to see what the prognosticators were saying at this point last year about who they then believed would make the trip to the big show, and compare that to the actual results. I'd be willing to bet that most of them never dreamed that the Arizona Cardinals would get there! I know the Chargers were at the top of the list, and so were the Patriots, but who knew Tom Brady would play for fifteen seconds - okay, maybe it was twenty - and then be out for the rest of the season?! Drama. Who knew that Plaxico Burress would, like a dumbass, shoot himself?! Intrigue. Terrell Owens has his own reality show now, and is a Buffalo Bill?!! Okay, at least some of us kinda saw that coming - well, that he would not remain a Cowboy. The reality show kinda came outta nowhere - but, I watch it. (Don't you judge me.)

In any event, football season is almost upon us. Time to get out your old jerseys so everyone knows who your team is! Time to begin strategizing your pool picks week-to-week to make sure you're giving yourself the best advantage to win the whole kit & kaboodle. For those like-minded individuals who are so inclined, it's time to really dig in and enjoy this time of year, after all, we're getting to the good stuff in baseball, college football is approaching - fight on, and we've already discussed the NFL!  Life is good.

It's no wonder the butterflies have arrived!

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